Never stop sharing


3 is a mobile telephony and broadband company who are growing their customers all over the world. They believe life is bigger, more fun and more inspiring if you experience it with others and want to help you make and strengthen those important connections. Their brand promise helps people ‘Never Stop Sharing’ so we all feel closer to one another. They came to Perfect Fools to help bring their brand promise to life in connection to music.


Key to strengthening the brand’s presence in the Scandinavian market was a digital and social activation that spoke to a younger target group, with a focus on attracting new customers. We wanted to create an emotional connection to unlimited data and how it brings people together through streaming music. Activate consumers in social media to spread the message and connect people in a joyful way.


The creative idea

We all have a special memory linked to a song.  Memories shared with those closest to us, or people we’ve left far behind. Even the first few notes can spark joy, euphoria, sadness and everything in between. It’s a deeply evocative power, bringing people closer together as if by magic. You’ll never forget the song that was playing when you had your first kiss, your last day of school or that anthem of your most memorable summer. Music creates emotional memories - and now we want to set them free. We decided to help people bring their music memories to life. To turn up the volume and never stop sharing the soundtrack to your life.


We created a campaign hub page that encouraged people to tell us their 9 music memories and share them with the world. The site is super easy to use and intuitive to navigate, letting anyone browse all the music memories that people have shared.

We worked with large vloggers and prominent influencers to show how easy it was to use the service, sharing on their respective platforms and inviting their fans to join in. We shared this content across Facebook and Instagram to maximise conversation and reach.


In our own channels, we drove interest and traffic to the site - via social media, homepage, SMS, email and in-store communications. The campaign called for people to share their music memories with their friends and loved ones.

We continued by promoting special bundle deals based on data from the active phase, carefully targeting those who had engaged with the campaign and shared their music memories. Smart retargeting loops and media buy maximised the impact of our campaign.

Furthermore, the campaign generated a lot of data which fed well into PR stories. Whether Celine Dion was the songstress who had captured the most virginities, or Metallica had rage-fuelled a breakup, the headlines very quickly wrote themselves.

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