Let people experience and live the brand story


Peak Performance approached us about creating an activation on social media. One that would be relevant, interesting and sparkle with the magic inherent to the outdoor brand.

But we wanted to go one step further, and create a physical experience for consumers - a recipe to communicate everything Peak Performance. To get people to actually doing what the brand is built for; get them running, hiking and exploring the most beautiful places in the world.


We opened digital pop-up stores accessible on your mobile, found in the most beautiful and remote locations throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The stores were only open during Magic Hour, at sunrise and sunset when the selected locations looked the most stunning. What better way to get our consumers inspired than helping them experience the transformative nature of Magic Hour?

The most dedicated lovers of the great outdoors could access the stores on their mobile and get free samples from the new collection. And if they couldn’t make the trip, we drove traffic via the stores to the newly opened e-commerce site. We also leveraged Instagram, holding a #CatchMagicHour competition to find the best pictures of sunrise and sunset in social media.

We opened digital shops in beautiful locations all over the world


The story

It’s the morning run, when everything is silent, almost like a vacuum, and you peacefully prepare for the day ahead. 

It’s the moment when you reach that peak on your weekend getaway. Its watching the sunrise and breathing in the crisp, fresh air as you tee off at the first hole. 

It’s watching the sunset on a rooftop with good friends and planning your next adventure. 

It’s that special feeling when nothing else matters except you, your company, your activity and the spectacular landscape around you.

You own magic hour - the most precious hour of the day


We built a campaign landing page which captured the spirit of Magic Hour whilst - naturally - working seamlessly across every device. From this page you could find out more about the campaign, locate your nearest Magic Hour store and visit the Peak Performance commerce site.

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The campaign

Twice a day, something magical happens. Just before the sun rises and just before it sets. When the world around us is quietly waking up to a new day or gently falling asleep for the next. A moment where silence, lights, shadows and nature all collude to create a display of brilliance - known as the Magic Hour.


Magic Hour Instagram competition

In our social activation, we asked our fans to share with us their most beautiful Magic Hour moments, tagging their shot #CatchMagicHour. By leveraging a known behaviour of Instagram users - taking beautiful pictures of scenery at sunrise or sunset - we smartly linked our campaign to an overall feeling, furthering our reach and brand story.


Peak Performance loved our take on Catch Magic Hour so much, they asked us back to make more hours magical for their next collection.



Photos with #catchmagichour on Instagram



sold out stores



hours of magic captured

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