A social journey into the unknown.


Polish brand Wyborowa is an outsider in the crowded vodka market. Even though they’ve been in business since 1823, Wyborowa is still relatively unknown outside of Poland. With a brand promise to ‘Dare to explore’, Wyborowa wanted to launch a global campaign towards adults 25 years or older, who love to party and have a good time. Our goal was to encourage them to leave their comfort zone and start new adventures. To see brand new places, mingle with new people - and of course try Wyborowa Vodka.

The creative idea

To encourage people to rally behind our cause and discover the thrills that go alongside a more daring approach to life, we needed a fun and engaging way to get the message out there. The solution was an app, that brought to life the classic game ‘Snake’ - a game our target audience remember fondly from youth. The essence of the game was simple. Players had to always visit new places and see how long they could last without crossing their path. Even the slightest crossover results in a game-over. Using the GPS of the phone, the app gave players a field of 10 x 10 km relative to their location.


The strategy

70% of our core audience claim to suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out) but at the same time, they also feel bored with their everyday routines, could we tap in to these two trends and provide a solution? (audience based on two major surveys performed in the US/UK ages 18-32). Wyborowa doesn’t have the marketing budget of Absolut or Smirnoff. So to grab attention with a limited budget, our marketing strategy was highly dependent on social media. We collaborated with well-known social media influencer Jon-Paul Piques, who is hugely popular amongst our target audience - and gave him the starring role in our campaign. And as everyone owns a smartphone, we made sure the campaign was entirely mobile, so as many people as possible could interact with the app, teaser trailer on Youtube and the social media channels used by our influencer.



To launch the campaign we teamed up with social media profile Jon-Paul Piques in Los Angeles and named him the first Pathbreaker. We documented as he managed to stay in the game for 3 days. From the material we made a teaser trailer and launched it on Facebook and Youtube. In the trailer, Piques introduced the app and challenged his followers to try it. We combined it with a media mix of Facebook and Instagram we, to make sure as many as possible of our targeted groups could see the campaign.



The total media reach is estimated to be 13.2 million in reach. Sales increased by 23% and more than 1,4 million people have seen the teaser trailer and the campaign has been mentioned in numerous blogs and on many, many sites. The app engagement in our target group is high and today there are Pathbreakers in 91 countries. Together people have walked a distance approximately equal to the Pluto's diameter, 2.400 km, and counting, and the brand's facebook fans increased by 307%.

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